الجمعة، 2 مارس 2012

American Muslims

I made this video because I saw how okay it is nowadays to hate Muslims in the US. Most racists who hate black people know that they have to keep it quiet, but it is open season on Muslims. You can be a congressman and it is okay to hate Muslims, call them terrorists and basically say that they shouldn't be allowed to live here. So it didn't surprise me at all to see that there would be that kind of people making comments. What's been more interesting is how so many Muslims say that the other Muslims are not true Muslims. For example they are Shiites (the second largest denomination of Muslims) or they are in some offshoot of the largely black American variant of Islam that was started by Malcolm X. Or they say that one person or another isn't devout enough to suit them. What none of these Muslims seem to consider is that the people who hate them don't make these subtle distinctions. They don't want a mosque in their neighborhood no matter who's praying inside it. If they beat the hell out of you, they don't stop to discuss the nature of your religious beliefs.

My thoughts on this subject aren't simple either. I don't like what I read about the practices of Muslims around the world. Rioting and killing because of some cartoons, the stoning, etc. Still I do notice that most of the time when a bomb goes off it is during a religious service of some kind. Also, if a Muslim guy like Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan decides to respond to 9/11 by enlisting and then dying in Iraq, it doesn't sit well with me that others who didn't have the guts to do that call him a terrorist.

If you want to say that you hate Muslims then you're just going to have to deal with the fact that somebody you are a fan of is a Muslim. And it doesn't make any difference if there are two or three people in this list that aren't because nearly everybody in this video says they are. Google them. And what about the rest? If somebody like John Coltrane was only married to a Muslim or somebody like Eve only studied Islam seriously for a year before deciding it wasn't for her... if they weren't famous, by the standards of so many people who comment on this video, they are terrorists, don't belong in America, or even worse.


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